The Second City’s latest sketch comedy show, She The People, opened last Saturday afternoon and this show couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time in recent history…and before a man interrupts this post with a “Well, actually–“, let’s just say that we couldn’t be happier to have attended the debut of a show that is entirely written and performed by an all-star cast and crew of women. No one is safe from the wrath of these talented ladies — be it bros, brunch goers, or everyone’s favourite politicians, Doug Ford and Donald Trump.

My roommate Tara is telling me to add that some of the jokes seemed a bit regional because She The People has been travelling around North America playing to sell out shows for the past year and this is their first foray into Canadian territory. (To be fair, Second City was founded in Chicago and they do a pretty damn good job of getting Toronto right. ) Tim Hortons and McDonald’s could really take a cue from these guys on how to run a successful local franchise. Ok – Tara out!

Just a warning — if you are in any way offended by the thought of a microwave dinner being used as a metaphor for a fetus, you may want to skip this one.

She The People illustrates how the political and the personal intersect in women’s lives, and how these two are often the same when it comes to how women are viewed and treated by men.

The absolute standout performance of the day came from Tricia Black, whose comedic timing and effortless hilarity are sure to get her noticed. Girl can also rock the no-pants look like nobody’s business. (Tara says better Chris Farley style physical comedy than Melissa McCarthy)

Kirsten Rasmussen is such a pro at facial expressions and physical comedy, bringing something unique to each character she portrayed, whether it was the annoying~quirky girl or the cheesy gameshow host.

Is Karen Parker secretly Molly Shannon’s sister? We loved her turn as the mysterious and possibly murderous “method” novel writer.

Ann Pornel always has so much presence, confidence and swag every time we see her on stage. How friggin hot must it be for the entire show until your big reveal???? You go girl!

Paloma Nunez was a comforting, familiar face to see and often the voice of reason throughout the show. She makes a great straight woman.

Ashley Comeau‘s strong performance encouraged Tara to finally decide against buying that Groupon for Beaches Hot Yoga and she instead… drunk and uploaded this selfie to her Instagram when we got home:



She The People, featuring Tricia Black, Ashley Comeau, Paloma Nuñez, Karen Parker, Ann Pornel and Kirsten Rasmussen, is on now at The Second City’s Mainstage, 51 Mercer St., Toronto. It plays every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until November 25th.

Tickets start at $27 and are available online by clicking here or by calling the Second City Box Office at 416-343-0011.

Run time: 100 minutes with a short intermission.