Today I am 37. Three things:

1. I am now the same age Carrie Bradshaw was when she cried to Big about “being old”.
2. I am as old as Michelle Pfieffer would be in “To Gillian on her 37th Birthday”.
2. Today is also Justin Timberlake’s 37th bday. As long as he is relevant and cool, I still feel young… oh shit… 

Celebrating this weekend by seeing fab shows in Toronto like The Addams Family Musical via the Scarborough Music TheatreBeauty and the Beast (Panto) at the Tranzac club produced by Nags Players and of course, “Blonde Ambition”, a Madonna impersonator at…The Linsmore Tavern of all places!

This is actually more of a theatre blog than a review site. But this is officially my first blog post. I am nowhere near the level of being a reviewer and should not be claiming to be one. I saw a play called Omission by an insanely smart young lady (a Radcliffe alumnus) named Alice Abracen last weekend at the Alumnae Theatre. It starts off being an “Angels and Demons” like papal conclave thriller but ends up forcing you to ask yourself if you are holding unfair grudges….maybe even fair grudges. It never hit me how hurtful it is when someone doesn’t forgive me (ok I rarely care about that kinda stuff but sometimes it doesn’t feel the greatest) so I definitely never thought about how awful it might be for certain people in my life that I am perturbed at.

This isn’t my review! I started a new job this week and have been training (without internet access) and today was my birthday so I had obligations. I spent the weekend trying to craft something but this play was intellectually superior to my two year Seneca diploma in Journalism and I stupidly read OTHER really well-written reviews  – their reviews were works of art themselves (Mooney, Cowbell).

I promise I will have it posted tomorrow!

But go this final weekend while you can!

Also, as I mentioned above – I know nothing about reviewing theatre. So I’m taking a two part masterclass with Lynn Slotkin at Hart House this month for only $60. There are still spots left! Go to to check out all of Hart House’s amazingly cheap and practical courses.

After work tonight I met a friend at the new Union Station complex to head somewhere downtown for a little birthday dinner. We planned to go elsewhere but whilst hanging around the York Street Promenade, we happened upon a cute little restaurant called Amano Pasta that reminded me of Negroni on College St. circa 2009. So we went in and it was really cute. The dessert wasn’t too exciting (the pasta/appetizer were much better) but they just opened so hopefully the trend of “desserts in Mason jars” goes away sometime soon! In honour of Lady Gaga, I had one glass of Pinot Grigio.