Feeling nostalgic? We’ve got the perfect podcast to accompany you during your daily commute. Jerry Lewis tribute artist Nicholas Arnold, 28, presents ‘Paying Tribute’, a documentary-style podcast series. The podcast is narrated by Arnold himself, as he takes us on a journey through his life as a nostalgia performer. He also gives us a rare glimpse into the lives of 6 other nostalgia performers based in North America.

An actor, filmmaker and all-around entertainer, Arnold was first introduced to Jerry Lewis as a kid through Lewis’ annual Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon. Arnold got his start as a Jerry Lewis tribute artist by performing for seniors, eventually taking his one-man show, ‘A Tribute to Jerry Lewis’, to the theatre stage. Arnold later traveled to Arizona to perform inĀ ‘The Best of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’ by Lonely Street Productions. He can currently be seen in the touring production ‘Dean and Jerry: What Might Have Been’.

Check out the first 5 episodes of the ‘Paying Tribute’ podcast series on Soundcloud here:

‘Paying Tribute’ is also available for streaming on iTunes and Stitcher.