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On Golden Pond – Review

Last Friday night, the Toronto community theatre season kicked off in the heart of Scarborough Village with Scarborough Players’ production of  On Golden Pond, a 1979 play written by then 28 year old Ernest Thompson, which two years later went on to become a feature film starring Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda. I cannot even […] Read More

She Stole My Diamond Heart – Joanne World Tour

One day, way back in 2008, I heard a new little number, ‘Just Dance’. Not being much of a dance/pop music kinda gal myself, I was shocked that this song easily grew on me. I hesitantly mentioned this to my elderly sister, with a little fear I’d be made fun of.  My sister has high, […] Read More

Athena Reich is a “Perfect Illusion” in #ARTBIRTH

I honestly don’t know where to start with this post. Partly because this show was nearly perfect and therefore there is very little to critique and partly because for a Lady Gaga fan, this show was an intricately weaved web filled with hidden gems and little “Easter eggs”.  Sonja gets a mention, Taylor Kinney is […] Read More

#ARTBIRTH – It doesn’t matter if you like Lady Gaga – You’ll love Athena Reich!

This is the first of two #ArtBirth reviews. This first review is for everybody! Stay tuned for a Gaga obsessed in depth play by play of the entire show  If you are a die hard fan of Lady Gaga, you are going to enjoy this show.  If you are a fan like me who can […] Read More

Deathtrap – Review

Clive Lacey is back again as Scarborough Village Theatre’s resident creepy con artist. After a wildly popular performance as the scheming titular character in Scarborough Theatre Guild’s “Tartuffe” last Winter, Lacey now plays Sidney Bruhl, a somewhat happily married, “has been”, playwright with money problems who is willing to commit duplicitous acts to reclaim his […] Read More