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Tara Gostling

Tara comes from a remote, small Ontario town, where her roots and passion for community theatre began in her young teenage years. As the youngest performer on stage with her local community theatre group, Tara's boisterous yet charming and magnetic personality drew a crowd every night. The audience couldn't wait to see what Tara was going to bring to stage - either an animated young lady taking the stage by storm in stiletto's, leather and kinky blonde hair belting out "I'll Get My Man" or a shy and sweet young princess in Moliere's play, "The Doctor In Spite of Himself". Tara is also an accomplished litterateur and travels the city of Toronto in search of community theatre to bring her back to her roots and first love - theatre. Tara has paired her love of writing and theatre in her blog. Tara is vocal and candid in her writing, which makes her reviews of community theatre a pleasure to read.

Melissa Bazo

Melissa comes from a very small rural hamlet with no cable television or internet. The only activity this community had to entertain themselves was the bi-annual productions shown at Beaver Valley Community School by the Thornbury Community Theatre. "Thank God for these people" Melissa thought to herself. Donating months of their own free time building and creating and memorizing lines with no financial reward just so that the people of the town had SOMETHING to do once in awhile. Now Melissa wants to give back to those dedicated people and shine a spotlight on the true heroes of the entertainment industry - Not Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone - but the unpaid actors and volunteers in the community theatre scene.

Vanessa Turner

Vanessa grew up in the tiny village of Clarksburg, Ontario. She has appeared in such Grade 6 productions as Shakespeare's "Macbeth" as Lady Macbeth "B" and "Dr. Suess' The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" as Cindy Lou Who. Not being popular enough to win the title role in "Snow White", Vanessa was given the more interesting and meaty role of the Evil Queen.

Vanessa spent much of her youth co-writing and appearing in funny skits alongside her best friend, Melissa Bazo, who was responsible for filming and direction.

She graduated with a diploma in Professional Writing in 2010.

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